Venture Clienting

How to Partner with Startups to Create Value

Harness the transformative power of client venturing and drive effective and agile innovation, collaboration and growth in your organization with this practical guide.
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Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
336 pages

About the book

Venture Clienting provides a practical, step-by-step guide to how organizations can drive innovation and unlock value through venture clienting.

Venture clienting enables companies to tap into new technologies, business models and ideas and foster a culture of agility and growth. This book presents a set of frameworks, tools and methodologies designed to help readers master venture clienting in their organizations. It takes a deep dive into the fundamental building blocks of venture clienting, exploring everything the reader needs to systematically build and run a successful venture client unit. From strategy and organization to infrastructure, communication, process, enabling processes, governance and control, culture and stakeholder management, the book delves into the practicalities of each component.

Venture Clienting answers key questions such as: how can you build effective venture client units? What are the secrets to running a venture client unit that is lean, agile and cost-efficient? What are the key challenges in venture clienting and how can they be overcome? It is packed with practical insights, examples and cases such as the Microsoft and OpenAI Moonshot Partnership, BSH Startup Kitchen and AVL. Empower your business to innovate faster and more efficiently with this essential guide for companies and startups seeking to drive strategic growth through venture clienting.

About the authors

Tobias Gutmann is Assistant Professor at EBS Business School, where he is the Head of the Siemens Product Innovation Lab. He is based in Munich, Germany.

Sebastian Greiss advises clients at 27pilots, a Deloitte business, in establishing and operating Venture Client units and founded StationX, the Venture Client Unit, at Siemens Mobility. He is based in Munich, Germany.

Christian Hüttenhein founded BoschIndustry Consulting and was the Venture Partner and Co-Founder of Open Bosch, the Venture Client Unit of the Bosch Group. He is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

In the past years, Venture Clienting has evolved into one-if not the most essential-tool in corporate venturing. While Venture Clienting has devel­oped into a brand name of its own, it is important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to it. Every corporation has its own challenges, structure, regulations, processes and peculiarities. The key to success is to tailor the concept of effective, business-driven startup collaboration to fit the corporate environment. This book is an invaluable resource for all corporate venturing leaders and practitioners, as it shares the best practices from various industry experts and key learnings of their journeys - and thus, provides inspiration on how to design and develop your Venture Clienting activities.

Lars Rössler, Head of Global Corporate Venturing, BSH Startup Kitchen