The Revenue Operations Manual

How to Build a High-Growth, Predictable and Scalable Business

Revolutionize your go-to-market strategies and drive growth by transforming your revenue-generating teams into a high-performing, well-oiled machine with this practical how-to guide.
EAN: 9781398616769
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
240 pages

About the book

Growing a business is a team sport, and Revenue Operations - the number 1 fastest-growing job on LinkedIn - is how you can deliver that growth. Learn how to bring revenue-generating teams, business context, and technology together to build a high-achieving, predictable and scalable revenue machine.

The Revenue Operations Manual takes you through every aspect of this evolving function, whether that's understanding what exactly it is, or how to effectively build your team, technology and partnerships to ensure your go-to-market strategies support business goals and revenue growth.

Using case studies, examples of best practices (and of what not to do), this book offers expertise and interviews from world-class operators from hypergrowth companies, and provides a blueprint on the mindset required to build and scale this critical business function. Understand the value that Revenue Operations can bring to your business, the right time to invest in it, and how to maximize the outcomes this team can drive.

About the authors

Sean Lane is a Founding Partner at BeaconGTM, host of the "Operations with Sean Lane" podcast, and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. He has spent more than a decade building Revenue Operations teams at fast-growing B2B software companies, including Drift and Upserve.

Laura Adint is currently a partner and operations executive for a financial services company in Los Gatos, CA. With over 25 years of experience, her prior roles included Vice President of Field Operations at Drift, and Vice President of Sales and Services Operations at Adaptive Insights (a Workday company).