The Learning Mindset

Combining Human Competencies with Technology to Thrive

Use this practical book to develop a learning mindset in individuals, teams and the wider organization.
EAN: 9781398617339
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
272 pages

About the book

Developing a learning mindset is essential for success in a rapidly changing world of work. But how can you adopt this approach? What qualities do you need? What role do technology and neuroscience play? How can it boost innovation, problem-solving and collaboration?

The Learning Mindset has the answers. It explains what a learning mindset is, the benefits for individuals, teams and the wider organization. It also covers the competencies needed for this approach including curiosity, consilience, innovation, realism and future-readiness and shows how these traits can be developed in all people while still celebrating their individual differences.

This new book from an international learning expert also outlines how to foster social and lean learning between colleagues, how to become a learning leader and how a learning approach can turn challenges into opportunities. There is also essential discussion of the neuroscience of learning, the importance of diversity for innovation, the evolution of artificial intelligence and how humans and technology can work in symbiosis for the best results. Packed full of insights, advice, practical guidance and interviews from leaders at global companies, this is essential reading for everyone looking to develop a learning mindset in themselves, their teams or their organizations so that they can thrive in a constantly changing world.

About the authors

Katja Schipperheijn is an internationally recognized learning strategist and founder of Habit of Improvement, a consultancy that focuses on learning strategies that foster growth and well-being in a human-machine symbiosis. Besides her work in corporate settings, she is founder of the sCooledu foundation with which she reached over 15,000 children participating in her workshops on digital citizenship. She is also an international keynote speaker, guest and the author of Learning Ecosystems, also published by Kogan Page.