The Focus Fix

Finding Clarity, Creativity and Resilience in an Overwhelming World

Discover the power of finding focus in a world full of distractions through practical tips and scientific insights.
EAN: 9781398616103
Edition: 1
Format: 198x129
256 pages

About the book

With focus and a clear mind, we can achieve almost anything. But we are constantly subjected to a deluge of distractions, from endless notification pings to anxiety and self-doubt.

The Focus Fix
explores how you can reset your mindset in order to reclaim your focus and achieve incredible results. In this fascinating book, leading creativity expert Chris Griffiths and journalist Caragh Medlicott unearth scientific studies and inspiring case studies to offer practical and proven techniques that will allow you to dispel distractions and maintain your focus.

This book also uncover the numerous benefits of sustained focus: you can achieve more by doing less, improve your mental wellbeing and boost your creativity. Don't get distracted - maximize your potential and discover the antidote to burnout with The Focus Fix.

About the authors

Chris Griffiths is founder and CEO of Ayoa and OpenGenius. He is a world-leading expert on the application of innovation and Mind Mapping® and has helped drive business growth for thousands worldwide. He is the author of The Creative Thinking Handbook and is based in Cardiff, Wales.

Caragh Medlicott is a full-time freelance writer and communications professional. She is the co-author of The Creative Thinking Handbook and is based in Cardiff, Wales.