The Disruptors

How 15 Successful Businesses Defied the Norm

Many businesses simply conform, but others disrupt. They achieve success through innovative, trailblazing strategies. The Disruptors investigates the stories behind these revolutionary businesses, uncovering the secrets of their success.
EAN: 9781398616486
Edition: 1
Format: 198x129
256 pages

About the book

Fearless, innovative, driven and daring. These are the qualities of a disruptor: a business that is willing to take risks to achieve incredible success.

In The Disruptors, leading business journalist Sally Percy investigates the stories behind some of the world's most innovative businesses, who took unconventional and trailblazing approaches to overcome the competition and achieve success.

Spotify, Nintendo, TikTok and A24. These are all businesses that have taken disruptive pathways to success and have redefined their industries. The Disruptors dives into the strategies behind these stories, offering valuable insights into innovative and daring entrepreneurship.

About the authors

Sally Percy is a freelance journalist, editor and author, specializing in the business and finance sectors. She is Editor of Edge, the official magazine of the Institute of Leadership & Management, and is a contributor to Forbes. She frequently makes radio appearances and writes for various publications, including The Telegraph, The Times, Accounting and Business, CFO World and Economia. She is the author of 21st Century Business Icons, also published by Kogan Page and is based in London, UK.