The Business Models Handbook

The Tools, Techniques and Frameworks Every Business Professional Needs to Succeed

Enhance your business planning with this collection of the most valuable business models, including expertly explained theory, case studies and supporting templates.
EAN: 9781398611757
Edition: 2
Format: 233x157
392 pages

About the book

Business frameworks sit at the heart of successful businesses. The second edition of The Business Models Handbook brings together the most helpful and widely used models into one invaluable resource.

Business models add structure and clarity to business problems, help practitioners overcome the everyday challenges they face and enable the organization to grow and be profitable. Each chapter of this book focuses on an individual business framework, giving an overview of 50 of the best-known frameworks. These cover essential business topics such as benchmarking, competitive intelligence, gap analysis and value chains.

In this second edition, these include Kay's distinctive capabilities, Customer Activity Cycle and the 3C framework. It also covers the most recent developments in applying these models, including how to embed them remotely. Authored by a leading global market researcher with a background working on over 3,000 different research projects and supported by real-world case studies for each model, The Business Models Handbook is an invaluable resource for any professional or student. Online resources include lecture slides that align with each chapter.

About the authors

Paul Hague is founder of B2B International Ltd, a global market research company. Based in Manchester, UK, he is Fellow of the Market Research Society and the author of ten books, sharing 30 years of practical experience in market research and marketing. He is a visiting fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University and a guest lecturer at Manchester Business School. He is the author of Market Research in Practice and co-author of B2B Customer Experience, also published by Kogan Page.

This exceptional handbook is a must-have for entrepreneurs and professionals. It provides detailed insights on each model including when to use it, how to use it, practical examples and key considerations. Having personally experienced the benefits of some of these models, I am thrilled to have this invaluable resource of additional tools at my disposal.

Helen Winter, Founder & Managing Director, Business Bullet and author of The Business Analysis Handbook