Navigating Sustainability Data

How Organizations can use ESG Data to Secure Their Future

Get a grasp on the sustainability data that leaders need to drive strategic, impactful decision making in their organizations.
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304 pages

About the book

With sustainability now a fundamental strategic pillar for organizations, ESG metrics are vital for decision making, yet this data is complex and ever evolving.

Navigating Sustainability Data provides a focused guide for leaders and executives who want to understand how sustainability impacts a company's future and how they can use data as a key tool to facilitate growth, access to capital and meet regulatory requirements. It explores what data is required to make decisions that directly affect the company's valuation and helps leadership teams decide what data points they need to be preparing for their boards to support the organization's financial, strategic and reputational future.

Showing how leaders can move from measuring data to managing future organizational risks and rewards, the book explores how to use the right data for the appropriate situation to drive efficient sustainable business decisions. It explains ESG data in plain English and highlights what data is relevant to leaders; what investors consider as essential data; and how regulation, disclosure and transparency are on a rapidly changing journey. Navigating Sustainability Data holds the information you need to avoid greenwashing, to shape your role in the sustainability landscape, and to be a leader for the future.

About the authors

Sherry Madera is a prominent thought leader on sustainability, with a focus on sustainable finance, environmental data and public policy. She is the CEO of CDP, a non-profit that runs the world's environmental disclosure system for companies, cities, states and regions. Prior to joining CDP, Madera was Founder and Chair of the Future of Sustainable Data Alliance (FoSDA) and held senior global roles at Mastercard, the London Stock Exchange Group, and the City of London. She speaks regularly in global forums on topics including sustainable finance, FinTech, international trade, data policy and geopolitics.

Sherry Madera poses the simple questions that many directors are too nervous to ask. Navigating Sustainability Data proceeds to answer them in plain English without condescension. A remarkable achievement in a complex area.

Sir Douglas Flint, Chairman, Abrdn, Previous Group Chairman, HSBC