Responsible AI

Implement an Ethical Approach in your Organization

Learn how to design and operationalize a responsible AI strategy for your organization with this guide for business leaders, covering its strategic, operational and technical bases.

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EAN: 9781398616028
Format: Epub
272 pages

About the book

Responsible AI is a guide to how business leaders can develop and implement a robust and responsible AI strategy for their organizations.

Responsible AI has rapidly transitioned to a strategic priority for leaders and organizations worldwide. Responsible AI guides readers step-by-step through the process of establishing robust yet manageable ethical AI initiatives for any size organization, outlining the three core pillars of building a responsible AI strategy: people, process and technology. It provides the insight and guidance needed to help leaders fully understand the technical and commercial potential of ethics in AI while also covering the operations and strategy needed to support implementation.

Responsible AI breaks down what it means to use ethics and values as a modern-day decision-making tool in the design and development of AI. It conceptually covers both how ethics can be used to identify risks and establish safeguards in the development of AI and how to use ethics-by-design methods to stimulate AI innovation. It also covers the different considerations for large enterprises and SMEs and discusses the role of the AI ethicist. It is supported by practical case studies from organizations such as IKEA, Nvidia, Rolls-Royce and NatWest Group.

About the authors

Olivia Gambelin is a leading AI ethicist who specializes in the practical application of ethics to technological and artificial intelligence innovation. She is the founder of Ethical Intelligence, an AI ethics advisory firm. Gambelin works directly with business leaders on the operational and strategic development of Responsible AI, has advised multiple organizations in utilizing ethics as a decision-making tool and also advises on AI policy, governance and regulation. Gambelin is based between San Francisco, California and Brussels, Belgium.

Olivia Gambelin has written an important and necessary book at a critical moment in AI. Her concept of the 'Values Canvas' is one of the few frameworks I've seen that makes Responsible AI more practical rather than more abstract. For any leader charged with ensuring AI is used responsibly within their organization, start here and return often.

Geoff Schaefer, Head of Responsible AI, Booz Allen Hamilton