Reinvent Yourself

Psychological Insights That Will Transform Your Work Life

Discover the psychological insights, strategies and opportunities that will allow you to Reinvent Yourself and reach your full potential.
EAN: 9781398613294
Edition: 1
Format: 216x138
272 pages

About the book

We are all striving towards a fulfilling career. Discover the psychological insights that will unlock your talent, build your confidence and allow you to develop a versatile mindset.

You deserve a career that allows you to fully harness your skills and lead a rewarding and satisfying life. In Reinvent Yourself, Susan Kahn offers original psychological insights and strategies that will show you how to focus your efforts, build your network and navigate any challenge in your work life.

Drawing upon both psychological research and first-hand stories from a diverse range of businesspeople and experts, this book is a call-to-action for you to overcome any doubts and tap into your full potential. Break free from the grind and pursue a career that works for you through the illuminating insights, strategies and stories from Reinvent Yourself.

About the authors

Dr Susan Kahn is a business psychologist, coach and consultant. As a coach, she works with individuals and their organizations to help them develop and enhance their authentic leadership style. She is also a lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London, teaching coaching and organizational psychology, and is a faculty member at the School of Life working with businesses to develop their emotional intelligence. She is based in London, UK

Dr Susan Kahn has that rare ability of being able to communicate complex ideas into accessible, practical applications. She encourages us to never give up hope, to connect, to reconnect and re-emerge chrysalis-like to face the world anew. Truly a book for our times.

Prof Andreas Liefooghe, founder, Operation Centaur