People-centric Organizational Change

Engaging Employees with Business Transformation

Use the evidence-based guide to understand how to take a people-centric approach to organizational change.
EAN: 9781398612556
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
288 pages

About the book

The only way to achieve successful business change is by engaging employees and making the transformation people-centric. This book explains how to achieve this.

Written by a leading voice in the change management industry who has both academic and practitioner experience, People-centric Organizational Change is a practical guide for change professionals and postgraduate students. It covers everything from what people-centric change is and why it's essential to engage people with the change through to the importance of the communication of change and how to do this effectively with a distributed workforce in a hybrid working environment. Using evidence-based research, this book fully explores the human dynamic of change, explains how to promote collaboration between colleagues and shows how to involve line managers in the change process. There is also advice on how to encourage staff to see change as an opportunity rather than a threat.

People-centric Organizational Change also includes discussion of the impact of change on employee wellbeing as well as the relationship between Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and change. There is also advice on how to build people-centric initiatives into an overall change strategy. It is full of country agnostic tools and tips that can be used across cultures as well as frameworks and skills that can be applied in public, private and third sector settings. Global case studies and examples throughout help to put the content into context and show how a people-first approach to change works in practice. Online resources include PowerPoint slides for each chapter.

About the authors

Professor Julie Hodges is a leading international expert on change in organizations and is currently a Professor of Organizational Change at Durham University Business School, UK. Prior to this, she worked as a business consultant for over 20 years in several profit and non-profit organizations including PwC, Vertex and the UK British Council. She is the author of several books including Managing and Leading People through Organizational Change and Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change, both published by Kogan Page.

The book focuses on how to achieve engagement and active participation of stakeholders with the organizational change. It introduces a cyclical business transformation framework and its associated principles, which I find particularly appealing as they offer practical guidance on how to establish a change management approach that prioritizes people over processes. Readers will also find the many case studies as a great source of insight that provide valuable lessons learned directly from the field. In essence, this book is an essential read for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of effecting successful, people-first change in our post-pandemic, fast-paced and hybrid world.

Peter Scheytt, Transformation Manager at Cognizant Netcentric, Munich, Germany