Organizational Learning Communities

Empowering Social Learning and Collaboration to Improve Performance

Understand how to build and foster learning communities in your organization to drive individual employee and overall business performance.

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EAN: 9781398615519
Format: Epub
448 pages

About the book

Learning communities transform organizations through sharing knowledge, spearheading practice, solving problems, seeding innovation and supercharging development. So how can you develop a culture of learning in your organization?

Organizational Learning Communities answers this question and explains how and why this approach can improve individual employee performance and drive overall business results. Written by a leading voice in the learning profession, this book contains everything that Learning and Development (L&D) practitioners need to know to successfully embed learning communities in their organizations. Following the 7Cs model of Cause, Culture, Conditions, Cadence, Content, Contributions and Credit, the book establishes the key factors that underpin thriving learning communities as well as the benefits of social and collaborative learning in the company.

This practical guide establishes strategies to drive community impact and report success to stakeholders, drawing widely on evidence-based research and real-world examples. Each chapter ends with reflective questions to support transfer to the reader's context. This is essential reading for those involved in facilitating learning communities, or planning on pioneering one, to empower their organization's productivity and performance.

About the authors

Andy Lancaster is Chief Learning Officer at Reimagine People Development consultancy, specializing in supporting, coaching and mentoring learning leaders and teams to create impactful development strategies and solutions, transform learning cultures and empower socialized learning communities. The former Head of Learning at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Andy is a trusted thinker, commentator and inspiring speaker, renowned for his insights that have helped reshape the organizational learning landscape globally. He is the author of award-winning Driving Performance Through Learning, also published by Kogan Page.

Organizational Learning Communities is one of the most thought-provoking and inspirational learning strategy books and a must for any future-focused, ambitious learning and development professional. Packed full of fascinating insights and perspectives, and backed by impactful and practical strategies, it holds the keys to unlocking learning communities, one of the most important and transformational opportunities in the world of work. Andy Lancaster is extremely generous in the quality and depth of thinking shared, coupled with providing the opportunity to reflect on and develop your own perspectives. The book delivers a hands-on experience that keeps you coming back for more. It's a critical text for learning professionals serious about creating meaningful and long-lasting impact.

Gavin McQuillan, Head of Learning and Development, RBS