Neuroscience for Change at Work

Practical Insights to Overcome Workforce Resistance to Organizational Change

This practical guide explains how to apply insights from neuroscience to overcome resistance to business change from individuals, teams and the wider organization.
EAN: 9781398614406
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
392 pages

About the book

How to I communicate change to the business? How do I maintain productivity and wellbeing during change? How do I deal with resistance to business change?

Neuroscience for Change at Work answers these questions and explains how to use insights from neuroscience when designing change and communicating it to employees. It is based on the PEPE model which outlines the four fundamental principles that drive resistance to change in individuals, teams and the wider organization. This book provides specific coverage of how neuroscience can inform change initiatives in remote, hybrid and in-person working environments to ensure successful business transformation in any working model. There is also discussion of how change can impact employee mental health and wellbeing and explains how using insights from neuroscience can help to safeguard this. There is also discussion of how to handle competing priorities from different groups of employees during times of business change.

Every chapter of Neuroscience for Change at Work is supported by practical examples, tips, tools and case studies as well as robust, evidence-based insights from neuroscience. Co-authored by a neuroscientist with extensive experience in applying neuroscience to business transformation projects, this book is a practical guide for all change managers and anyone responsible for employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity during times of change.

About the authors

Tibisay Vera is the UK Director of the Academy of Neuroscience and Education and the Founder and Director of Sparkling Performance. She designs and delivers programmes in applying neuroscience to change management and how to improve wellbeing during times of transformation.

Melanie Franklin is a globally recognized thought leader in change management, the Director of Agile Change Management Ltd and Founder of the Continuous Change Community. She is the author of Agile Change Management, also published by Kogan Page

The guidance for leaders who are championing change in their organizations will enable you to avoid common pitfalls and achieve early and significant return on investment.

Richard Pharro, CEO, APMG-International