Mindset Matters

Developing Mental Agility and Resilience to Thrive in Uncertainty

Develop mental agility and resilience to take on disruption and navigate change at work and with your teams.
EAN: 9781398604841
Edition: 1
Format: 200x130
288 pages

About the book

SHORTLISTED: Business Book Awards 2023 - Work & Life

If businesses can be agile to survive in an uncertain world, so can you. The future of work requires you to move flexibly and quickly to react to change; that's where your mindset matters. Who wouldn't want to know how to best navigate the choppy waters of change?

Resilience is the skill to master for the future of work. The capacity to overcome adversity and, crucially, to learn from experiences and grow, resilience is the tool to have in your business leadership arsenal. From an individual perspective, it will lead to better performance and wellbeing, and for your team, you can positively affect change and build a culture of resilience that permeates your business. In Mindset Matters chartered psychologist and star LinkedIn Learning instructor, Gemma Leigh Roberts, teaches you why mental agility is the key ingredient to developing resilience and how to achieve it.

This book will teach you the principles of thriving in uncertainty. From changing perspectives, emotional flexibility and achieving a growth mindset, to cementing your mindset shift in others and your team, you will learn research-backed strategies that will allow you to grow your resilience and use change to your advantage. With energy and speed, you can embrace moments of pivots and ensure you and your business bounce back from whatever the world throws at you next.

About the authors

Gemma Leigh Roberts is a chartered psychologist, founder of The Resilience Edge, and leading LinkedIn Learning instructor. Over 3 million learners have watched her online courses on emotional intelligence, resilience, growth mindset and mental agility. She works with companies like BP, Oracle, HSBC, Microsoft and Spotify to help create resilient teams and environments where everyone can thrive in uncertainty. She has been featured in Stylist, the Guardian and Forbes and has appeared on the BBC. The creator of the Mindset Matters community; her writing reaches over 500,000 people weekly. She is based in Ascot, UK.

Gemma Leigh Roberts has written a clear, accessible and evidence-based book for anyone who wants to get more out of life. Covering theory and practical application, she gives the reader the insights they need to make transformative changes. Roberts has identified some key and impactful areas, like resilience, relationships and emotional intelligence, which play a huge role in determining how we navigate the challenges of the 21st century. Each is explored and explained with clarity and then turned into practical coaching exercises for the reader. A great addition to anyone's personal development toolkit!

Richard A MacKinnon, Managing Director, WorkLifePsych