Management and Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Capabilities to Achieve Superior Performance

Learn how to thrive in the increasingly uncertain context of the fourth industrial revolution by building key capabilities as part of a long-term strategy to achieve superior performance.
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Edition: 1
Format: 235x155
280 pages

About the book

LONGLISTED: CMI Management Book of the Year 2021

The business world is currently experiencing fundamental disruption, in part driven by the technology enabled Fourth Industrial Revolution. Corporate value is created and lost in breathtakingly short periods, and the rise of 'unicorns' against the demise of once-venerated organizations has shown that how firms compete has changed. Management and Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution presents a framework for managing and winning in the new accelerated world of business, focusing on the key capabilities organizations now need to achieve competitively superior performance.

Building on the 'dynamic capabilities' approach already familiar to strategists and based around his own research, Stephen Wyatt shows how executives can assess the dynamic capacity of their organization - a leading indicator of future performance in comparison to their industry peers.

Written in an accessible style with best practice examples from companies and quotes from executives to support each insight, this book includes a self-assessment questionnaire to measure the dynamic capacity of your organization and advice on how to strengthen areas of relative weakness. Management and Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution offers timely insights on driving innovation and emphasizes the importance of long-term strategy, change management and new models of dynamic leadership.

About the authors

Stephen Wyatt is Professor of Strategy and Leadership at the University of Bath. For over 25 years he has been a business consultant focused on developing leaders and enabling organizations to thrive in highly dynamic environments. He is also Affiliate Faculty at Singapore Management University and Industrial Associate at the University of Cambridge, and serves on the boards of the Global Innovation Management Institute and the Management Consulting Institute.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is disrupting businesses and beliefs all the way to the very concept of risk and performance. Professor Steve Wyatt demonstrates with extensive insight why and how leadership, above and beyond technology, is going to be the most important asset to compete dynamically and drive enduring growth. A thought-provoking and actionable read for anyone in the business. Dip in and out, there are treasures and actionable insights throughout the book.

Alessandro Bogliolo, Chief Executive Officer, Tiffany & Co.