Learning Metrics

How to Measure the Impact of Organizational Learning

Use this practical guide to measure the impact of learning and development activity on employee and business performance.
EAN: 9781398615366
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
312 pages

About the book

How do I know if Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives are making a difference to employee and business performance? What should I measure and how do I take a data-driven approach?

Learning Metrics is a practical book for L&D professionals which answers these questions and provides guidance for measuring and communicating the impact of L&D activity in the business. It covers how to measure participant engagement with learning, learning retention and changes in employee performance post-learning. There is also guidance on how to measure on-the-job behaviour change as a result of learning, as well as metrics for measuring the organizational impact of learning. This book also has essential guidance on how to use learning analytics to assess the return on investment (ROI) of learning and how to use these results to adopt a data-driven approach and map learning metrics to organizational KPIs. Learning Metrics also includes guidance on how to communicate the impact of the company's learning and development activity to all business stakeholders.

Full of practical guidance, examples, advice and case studies from organizations including Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Merck and Hewlett Packard, this is essential reading for all L&D professionals needing to measure the impact of L&D activity in the business but not sure where to start.

About the authors

Ajay Pangarkar is the co-founder of CentralKnowledge where he works with global organizations to plan, align and execute learning strategies that drive strategic change. He is an award-winning learning expert and professor at Sprott School of Business at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

Teresa Kirkwood is the co-founder and Vice President, Operations of CentralKnowledge and President of its e-learning division. She develops training infrastructures and solutions that contribute directly to a company's strategic objectives. She is based in Ottawa, Canada.

This book delights in sharing that L&D can show its credibility and effectiveness by aligning to operational metrics. Use it as the blueprint to prove the enhanced employee performance we know we can all deliver.

Jo Cook, Editor, Training Journal and Virtual Learning Specialist, Lightbulb Moment