HR Analytics

A Complete Guide to the Theory and Practice of Data-driven HR

Understand the theory and practice of collecting, analysing and reporting people data with this dedicated textbook.
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EAN: 9781398611542
Edition: 1
Format: 240x170
272 pages

About the book

What is HR analytics and why is it important? What are the main models and tools and how should they be used? How can insights from people data add business value?

Understanding HR analytics is essential for a successful career as a people professional. This textbook has been specifically designed for final year undergraduate and postgraduate HR students providing a thorough grounding in both the theory and practice of HR analytics. It contains an introduction to the concept of HR analytics, definitions of key terms and an outline of the main HR analytics models. There is also a dedicated skills section which includes how to develop a hypothesis and carry out root cause analysis. HR Analytics also has extensive guidance on data gathering, preparation and reporting.

This book provides expert discussion of how people data can be used to improve wellbeing, diversity and sustainability as well as how to ensure that data is handled confidentially, fairly and ethically. There is also step by step guidance on organizational network analysis, statistical modelling tools, regression modelling and the basics of R. Packed with pedagogical features to reinforce student learning, this book also includes international real-world examples from countries including US, India, China, Germany and the UK. Online resources include PowerPoint slides for every chapter and practice datasets.

About the authors

Dr Prerna Tambay is the HR Analytics and Digitization of HR Curriculum Champion at Kingston Business School, UK. Prior to this, she was Director of the MSc and MA International HRM Programmes at University of Bedfordshire and a Lecturer and Consultant at Brunel University London. She runs her own HR Analytics and Digitization consultancy and has previously worked in the IT and hospitality sectors.