Fundamentals of Risk Management

Understanding, Evaluating and Implementing Effective Enterprise Risk Management

Gain a complete understanding of the core concepts, frameworks and strategies of enterprise risk management with this comprehensive text for students and risk professionals.
EAN: 9781398618657
Edition: 7
Format: 240x170
472 pages

About the book

Fundamentals of Risk Management provides a comprehensive introduction to enterprise risk for students and risk professionals, with tools and tips, expert insights and coverage of key developments in an ever-evolving field.

Effective enterprise risk management allows organizations to maximize opportunities and minimize uncertainty. Aligned with ISO 31000, the COSO ERM Framework and the UK's Orange Book, this guide covers the key principles of risk management and how to deal with the different types of risk that organizations face. The frameworks of business continuity planning, enterprise risk management and project risk management are covered alongside an overview of international risk management standards and frameworks, strategy and policy. The text provides a clear introduction to a variety of risk management approaches used in sectors such as insurance, banking, law, health and safety and supply chain management.

Now in its seventh edition, Fundamentals of Risk Management guides readers through the steps of risk identification, risk analysis, risk description and risk estimation. It includes new chapters covering emerging trends in risk management such as on resilience, sustainability and strategic risk. It offers increased international coverage around corporate governance and real-world examples in each chapter, allowing students to connect theory to practice. It also includes new pedagogical features: key takeaways, discussion questions and learning exercises. Supporting online resources include lecture slides with figures, tables and key points from the book.

About the authors

Kate Boothroyd is the Director of KB Risk Consulting Limited, a risk management consultancy. She is an accredited Institute of Risk Management trainer and lead developer on the IRM's updated Enterprise Risk Management Certificate. She is based in Huddersfield, UK.

Clive Thompson was Deputy Chair of the IRM until 2020. He has been a risk manager and consultant delivering projects globally and is a Certified Fellow of the IRM. He is based in West Sussex, UK.