Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour

Principles and Applications for Improving Workplace Performance

Explore the practical implications and relevance of organizational behaviour with this concise textbook that successfully bridges the gap between theory and practice.
EAN: 9781398613331
Edition: 1
Format: 240x170
376 pages

About the book

Obtain real-world knowledge of organizational behaviour to better understand people within organizations and make businesses operate more effectively.

Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour is a hands-on and streamlined textbook exploring an area that can at times seem challenging and abstract. It covers key areas including individual differences at work, motivation, leadership styles and conflict and negotiation, without assuming students' prior knowledge or working experience. It also explores cutting edge topics such as the implications of technology and remote working on workplace behaviour.

This new textbook examines power, status and political behaviours, organizational change and culture and organizational structure and design. It includes real-world examples throughout and is supported by a range of features including learning outcomes, key concepts and terminology boxes and reflective exercises to aid professional development.

Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour is an essential resource for masters level and upper-level undergraduate students on HRM and Management degrees, taking modules on Organizational Behaviour.

About the authors

Chia-Yu Kou-Barrett is Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour and Applied Psychology at Cranfield School of Management. Prior to this, she was an Assistant Professor in Organizational Behaviour at Smurfit Business School, University College Dublin. She has published her work in top-ranked peer-review journals, presented at a number of international conferences and co-authored several book chapters.

This book consistently hooked me to the narrative by means of reflective questions and thought-provoking activities, which in turn created a sense of how the content can be quickly and easily applied within the reality of the workplace. Consequently, this is an ideal text to improve one's own performance in the workplace and for educators in organizational behaviour wishing to galvanize their students into action.

David Deegan, Executive Development Director, Cranfield Executive Development