Force for Good

How to Thrive as a Purpose-Driven Leader

As a leader, understand how you can navigate from behaviours that solely lead to profit, profit, profit, to behaviours that lead to profit, people, purpose and planet.
EAN: 9781398615199
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
232 pages

About the book

As the business world pivots from profit to purpose, leaders need to access a new set of behaviours, tools and approaches to stay motivated, authentic and successful.

Force for Good will help leaders examine whether their current behaviours, ways of working and business strategies are appropriate to the ethical, intellectual and emotional challenges of the purpose-driven business life. John Blakey proposes that without new ways of working, purpose-driven leaders will become increasingly alienated, confused and ill-prepared for the challenges and transforming their business.

Force for Good explores the practical challenges facing purpose-leaders. Taking abstract or confusing jargon-fuelled terms, the book provides a collection of common sense techniques and practical tools that any busy, performance-focused leader can quickly deploy to build better and more purposeful organizations.

About the authors

John Blakey is a leading executive coach and board adviser working with CEOs and elite sport coaches around the globe. His business experience includes time as a Fast Track 100 entrepreneur, FTSE100 International Managing Director and Chair/Director of a number of voluntary organizations. He is a speaker and is an advisory board Chair for Vistage, the world's largest CEO membership organization. He is the author of The Trusted Executive, also published by Kogan Page. He is based in Solihull, UK.