Fintech Regulation In Practice

Navigate the Complexities and Opportunities of Regulation

Harness regulation to your advantage and tackle its challenges with this practical guide for fintechs, financial services firms and other key players within the fintech ecosystem.
EAN: 9781398615694
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
320 pages

About the book

Fintech Regulation in Practice provides a clear, hands-on guide to the practical considerations that fintechs, banks adopting fintech and other key players in the fintech ecosystem need to take into account when embedding regulation.

This book looks at how regulation applies to a fintech at the various stages of their lifecyle and what it means for other partners in the fintech ecosystem that are crucial to its success. Addressing the key pitfalls, tensions and opportunities that come with fintech regulation, Fintech Regulation in Practice offers practical cases and tips to help professionals and organizations navigate its complexities.

It also explores key issues such as financial and operational resilience, cybersecurity and fighting financial crime, anti-money laundering best practices, information security, privacy and the concept of embedded finance. It will be essential reading for risk and compliance professionals in financial services, business owners of regulated and unregulated fintechs, financial services firms delivering or partnering with fintech, fintech investors and other key stakeholders within the fintech ecosystem.

About the authors

Maha El Dimachki is Head of Department at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which regulates 60,000 financial services firms in the UK. With an impressive career spanning 25 years in financial services, El Dimachki has held leadership roles in multiple geographies with a strong focus on risk management, regulation, strategic direction, delivering change and a passion for diversity and inclusion. She is based in London, UK.