Financial Management for Technology Start-Ups

How to Power Growth, Track Performance and Drive Innovation

Build your business from start-up to scale-up and beyond with this guide for tech ventures on how financial management can be used to get ahead.
EAN: 9781398603066
Edition: 2
Format: 235x155
248 pages

About the book

More than a third of start-ups fail due to founders having a poor understanding of financial management. Become financially savvy with this easy to understand guide and learn how to effectively grow your business, communicate with investors and progress to the next level.

Start-ups face many challenges but managing the finances does not need to be one. Financial Management for Technology Start-Ups offers a complete financial toolkit on how to use this area of your business to your advantage. This book contains invaluable tools and insights designed specifically for tech start-ups, with a concentrated focus on what is important in financial terms for technology-based and innovation focused entrepreneurial businesses.

The fully updated second edition offers greater analysis of financial statements directly from real-world start-ups, charts the success of businesses that went from start-up to scale-up with all new case studies and covers new digital technologies, emerging opportunities in the ecosystem, developing markets and much more. For entrepreneurs and tech innovators, this is a must-have book to help take your idea from concept to company with clear and effective financial insights.

About the authors

Alnoor Bhimani is Professor of Management Accounting at the London School of Economics (LSE) and was previously Head of the Department of Accounting and Founding Director of LSE Entrepreneurship based in London, UK. He regularly delivers business and technology focused talks at conferences and events across the globe, is a professionally certified accountant and has a PhD from LSE and an MBA from Cornell University where he was a Fulbright Scholar.

A great resource for founders looking to understand the key financial measures that impact their businesses, with many worked examples and cases directly relevant to the real challenges start-ups face. An essential addition to any founder's toolkit.

Kamran Malik, Partner, Ernst & Young, UK