Financial Accounting and Reporting for Non-Accounting Students

How to Interpret Financial Statements and Appraise Company Performance

Learn the fundamentals of financial accounting and performance appraisal with this accessible, internationally focused textbook written specifically for non-accounting students.
EAN: 9781398614086
Edition: 1
Format: 240x170
408 pages

About the book

This textbook introduces the essential principles of financial accounting to non-accounting students, written for an international audience with global case studies and a suite of learning features.

Using terminology which is compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Financial Accounting and Reporting for Non-Accounting Students covers topics such as the statement of financial position, profit and loss statement, non-current assets, inventory valuation and the statement of cashflows. It also provides a roadmap for performance appraisal and presents the subjective nature of financial accounting and the impact of bias in financial reporting.

Real-world examples from Britvic, Greggs. Huawei, Hugo Boss, Manchester United and Ryanair illustrate the principles discussed in the book. With over 300 multiple-choice questions, 71 extended problems and more than 90 questions to enable deep learning in the fundamental aspects of this core business subject, Financial Accounting and Reporting for Non-Accountings Students is a key textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students taking modules on financial accounting and reporting or introductory modules in accounting.

About the authors

Stephen Frost is a Senior Teaching Fellow and Programme Director of MScs in Finance, Finance and Global Trading, and Finance and Management at Loughborough Business School. He teaches a wide range of courses to undergraduate and postgraduate business, management and economics students, including Financial Reporting and Performance Appraisal

A clear and easy-to-read introduction to financial accounting and reporting. It is well-structured and guides the reader through each chapter with the use of examples, questions and learning quizzes. A great book for both accounting and non-accounting students.

Ruth Smith, (CGMA) Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, Derby Business School, University of Derby, UK