Disruptive Technologies

A Framework to Understand, Evaluate and Respond to Digital Disruption

Acquire a framework to understand, evaluate and respond to emerging technologies in order to future-proof your organization against technological disruption.
EAN: 9781398609204
Edition: 2
Format: 230x155
248 pages

About the book

The next two decades will see more waves of technological disruption than the previous fifty. Adaptability and understanding of technological changes are now mission-critical to every business.

Disruptive Technologies offers a three-step framework that enables readers to choose how their business responds to technological upheaval rather than being led by changes forced upon them. Showing how to understand a new technology, evaluate the challenge it poses, and finally respond to it, readers will come away secure in the knowledge that they have a workable system with which they can navigate ongoing technological disruption. This second edition features new chapters on the Metaverse and Web 3.0, as well as case studies and discussions of emerging technologies such as NFTs, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, graphene and 3D/4D printing.

If companies do not grasp how developing technologies will impact their operations, supply chains, people and products, they have little hope of weathering the ongoing storm of digital disruption. Disruptive Technologies is your essential guide to creating a stable response to constant technological upheaval.

About the authors

Paul Armstrong runs his own private emerging technology advisory, TBD Group/FORTH. He created 'TBD Conference' which has been named one of the top 50 global technology conferences and spawned 'Mouthwash', the world's first sponsored Twitter Spaces show. He is an in-demand speaker on emerging technologies, big tech, platforms, strategy and regularly advises brands like Coca-Cola, Experian, Sony Music, P&G, PwC and several technology start-ups. Paul is regularly quoted in, or writes regularly for; Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Cool Hunting. He is based in London, UK.

This is one of the best books to read if you have that big idea. Sure, your idea might be good - even disruptive, but Disruptive Technologies gives you the tools, strategies, and perspective to innovate, motivate yourself, get other people excited, and build a truly disruptive business into a world-changer.

Lance Ulanoff, Editor, TechRadar