Disrupt With Impact

Achieve Business Success in an Unpredictable World

Navigate uncertainty and bring your business into the future through impactful strategies and frameworks that will allow you to thrive
EAN: 9781398616882
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
288 pages

About the book

Disruption's far-reaching effects are inevitable, bringing both unprecedented challenges and opportunities to creatively shape our futures.

Disrupt With Impact is the ultimate guide to thriving in today's complex business landscapes. It offers strategies that will allow you to navigate uncertainty and change through strategic decision-making.

Covering major challenges such as sustainability, AI, geopolitics and cybersecurity, this book is your compass for exploring the uncharted waters of the future. Through fascinating research and original frameworks, Disrupt With Impact offers the knowledge and confidence you need to lead your business through disruption.

About the authors

Roger Spitz is a futurist, author, and President of Techistential, a foresight strategy consultancy. He also chairs the Disruptive Futures Institute, a global education hub which empowers organizations and entrepreneurs. His work has been featured in numerous media outlets, such as Fast Company, WIRED, and MIT Technology Review. He is based in San Francisco, USA.