Designing for Diversity

Developing Inclusive and Equitable Talent Management Processes

Design equitable talent management processes that are fair and inclusive to create a diverse workforce now and a talent pipeline for the future.
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272 pages

About the book

What measures do you use to spot talent and measure employee performance? How do you decide who gets promoted? Are these methods fair and inclusive?

Organizations are keen to recruit and retain a diverse workforce but the talent management processes in place are often biased. The measures used and how organizations are identifying and assessing which employees should progress in the business are flawed. Talent Management processes need to be fair, equitable and inclusive and most importantly, they need to be designed with diversity in mind. This book has the answer.

Designing for Diversity shows organizations how to rethink their talent management structures, processes and activity so that all employees are supported to develop and progress, not just a select few. It explores each element of talent management from performance management systems and talent identification methods through to talent development and promotion processes. This book also examines the limitations of target setting and the benefits of both formal and informal mentoring. The final part of the book is a full action plan for how to design talent management for diversity to ensure organizations have a diverse workforce performing to their full potential and a rigorous succession plan in place. There are real-world examples throughout from organizations including BT, NFU Mutual, University of Cambridge, HSBC, arm, Neptune Energy, NATS (National Air Traffic Services), Sopra Steria and England Rugby.

About the authors

Professor Binna Kandola is co-founder and Senior Partner at Pearn Kandola. He has been working in diversity and inclusion for over 40 years with organizations including American Express, Microsoft and NATO. Based in Oxford, UK, he was named by HR Magazine as one of the Most Influential HR Thinkers of 2023.

Stuart Duff is a Partner and Head of Talent Development at Pearn Kandola. For 30 years, he has been developing talent management solutions for international clients, including GSK, AXA Insurance, BP and Hays Recruitment. He is based in Oxford, UK.