Delivering Data Analytics

A Step-By-Step Guide to Driving Adoption of Business Intelligence from Planning to Launch

Increase adoption and usage of data analytics with a step-by-step agile process to gain stakeholder buy-in and create actionable business value.
EAN: 9781398602946
Edition: 1
Format: 232x156
232 pages

About the book

The importance of data analytics is well known, but how can you get end users to engage with analytics and business intelligence (BI) when adoption of new technology can be frustratingly slow or may not happen at all?

Avoid wasting time on dashboards and reports that no one uses with this practical guide to increasing analytics adoption by focusing on people and process, not technology. Pulling together agile, UX and change management principles, Delivering Data Analytics outlines a step-by-step, technology agnostic process designed to shift the organizational data culture and gain buy-in from users and stakeholders at every stage of the project.

This book outlines how to succeed and build trust with stakeholders amid the politics, ambiguity and lack of engagement in business. With case studies, templates, checklists and scripts based on the author's considerable experience in analytics and data visualisation, this book covers the full cycle from requirements gathering and data assessment to training and launch. Ensure lasting adoption, trust and, most importantly, actionable business value with this roadmap to creating user-centric analytics projects.

About the authors

Nicholas Kelly is a principal at G&K Consulting, based in Bonney Lake, Washington. He is a leader in analytics adoption having designed and developed dashboards for some of the world's largest companies, from global banks to Formula 1 teams. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences, has trained thousands of professionals in data visualization and analytics adoption and is the inventor of the Dashboard Wireframe Kit

Over the many years I have worked in data analytics the field has grown significantly. It's no longer enough to deliver accurate numbers and charts: we need to consider business value, governance, adoption, story-telling and even corporate culture. Nick Kelly's book covers all that ground and more.

Donald Farmer, Principle, Tree Hive Strategy