Data Excellence

How Data Leadership Can Drive Stronger Organizational Performance

Coach your organization for data-driven change and condition it to attain excellence in its data capabilities, mindset and performance with this guide for data leaders.
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About the book

This book provides a powerful, intuitive methodology on how to approach data leadership in a way that will steer organizations to deliver effective, improved and sustained data performance.

Data Excellence
shows how data leaders can strategize and deliver effective data capabilities, value generation and performance for their organization. Both strategic and tactical, it positions data leaders as personal trainers responsible for preparing and coaching their organization to professional excellence and capabilities through a long-term sustainable performance plan. It covers the three key pillars organizations must address to achieve data excellence: culture change, improving the way change is done and generating, measuring and sustaining data value for the organization.

This book walks readers through key tasks and components such as data fitness assessments, data risks and control environments, data productization, data valuation models, advanced business models, data supply chain assurance, interlocking with control functions and ESG and CSR value propositions. It offers exercises to test data performance, such as strategic initiatives independency analysis, writing the right data consumer stories and calculating the return on investment for a data program.

About the authors

Roberto M. Maranca is currently Data Excellence Vice President at Schneider Electric and prior to that, held C-suite leadership roles as the Group Data Officer for Lloyds Banking Group and Chief Data Officer at General Electric. He has been listed multiple times as one of Data IQ 100's most influential people in data and is a regular keynote speaker at leading data and business conferences. He is based in London, UK.