Data-Driven Personalization

How to Use Consumer Insights to Generate Customer Loyalty

Your customers expect highly personalized experiences. Discover exactly how to deliver by collecting the right data and crafting messages that tap into behavioral psychology.
EAN: 9781398614604
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
280 pages

About the book

Make your marketing truly resonate by personalizing every message, powered by data, research and behavioral economics.

To break through the noise, marketers today need to be hyper-relevant to their customers. To do that takes data and a deep understanding of your audience. Data-Driven Personalization breaks down the best ways to reach new customers and better engage your best customers. By combining principles of persuasion, behavioral economics and industry research, this book provides readers with an actionable blueprint for how to implement a customer-centric approach to marketing that will drive results.

The book is broken into six parts that detail everything from what data is most valuable for personalization to how to build a data-driven marketing team that's prepared for the next five years and beyond. Each chapter includes actionable insights to guide marketers as they implement a data-driven personalization approach to their strategy. The chapters also focus on hands-on tactics like identifying messages that will move the needle with customers, how to generate seamless omnichannel experiences and how to balance personalization with data privacy. The book features case studies from top brands, including FreshDirect, Target, Adobe, Cisco and Spotify.

About the authors

Zontee Hou is Founder of Media Volery, a digital marketing agency, and Managing Director of consultancy Convince & Convert. She has nearly 20 years of experience in the marketing industry and has advised organizations including the International Monetary Fund, Fidelity Investments, Indiana University and Caesars Entertainment. Hou has been a lecturer at Columbia University and The City College of New York, and she is a sought-after business speaker. She is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Zontee Hou has written the essential guide for marketers who understand that data is the key to winning, and keeping, their competitive advantage.

Adam Bryant, Senior Managing Director, ExCo Group