Culture, Conduct and Ethics in Banking

Principles and Practice

Understand the interrelationship between culture, conduct and ethics with this Chartered Banker Institute endorsed book.

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About the book

Endorsed by the Chartered Banker Institute as core reading for its professional qualifications, Culture, Conduct and Ethics in Banking emphasizes the importance of professionalism for banks, and explores how all staff play a key role in putting customers at the heart of their business.

Taking an applied approach, it aims to develop the reader's capability to: recognize and contribute towards balanced outcomes for consumers and organizations; understand the impact of reputational deficit; and understand the personal impact of an individual in the workplace.

From a discussion of the main branches of ethical thinking to an overview of regulation and legislation in the UK and internationally, this book covers the theory and practice of conduct and professionalism in banking. Chapters contain activities and industry case studies, and further reading and viewing suggestions are included to help develop a deeper understanding of the topics covered. With fully referenced discussion of conflicts of interest, decision making models, the role of professional bodies, corporate governance, conduct risk management and the Global Financial Crisis 2007-08, Culture, Conduct and Ethics in Banking is the essential guide for finance professionals.

About the authors

Fred Bell is an experienced career banker with extensive risk management leadership expertise. Working over 39 years in the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), he has held senior leadership roles including Head of Operational Risk in the RBS Wealth Division, Head of Risk at Tesco Personal Finance and Head of the RBS Bank of China Risk Programme. Bell established and ran RBS's first dedicated business continuity function.

Culture and (in some cases) the unethical behaviour of bankers has emerged as an important theme since the global financial crisis. Culture, Conduct and Ethics in Banking by Fred Bell is a comprehensive, thoughtful and practical resource for students, practitioners and regulators wishing to understand and evaluate the importance of culture and ethics in the modern financial services industry.

Professor John O.S. Wilson, Director, Centre for Responsible Banking & Finance, University of St Andrews