Crisis Communication Strategies

Prepare, Respond and Recover Effectively in Unpredictable and Urgent Situations

Effectively develop a strategy to protect your brand in the face of crises, be it internal, external, political or online with this brand new edition.
EAN: 9781398609419
Edition: 2
Format: 233x156
248 pages

About the book

Is your company equipped to deal with any kind of crisis - whether caused by internal error, customer action or social media mishap? This bestselling guide gives readers the skills, tools and knowledge to respond effectively to high-stake situations and protect your brand from disaster.

Crisis Communication Strategies is a must-have guide that covers the whole span of a crisis from preparing and laying the groundwork before it occurs, during the incident and the aftermath, including the move to recovery and beyond. It guides readers through each phase, providing details of what to consider, what should be done, tips and checklists for improved responses.

This second edition of Crisis Communication Strategies provides new sections on managing long-running crises. It also contains new content looking at the phases of crises, behavioural communication as a tactic and how to ensure diversity and inclusivity in tumultuous times.

Supported by brand new case studies and examples from responses to events including the British Post Office scandal, Burger King's misfired International Women's Day campaign, Yorkshire cricket's racism scandal and Peloton's crises, it also explores the role of leadership in developing a crisis communication response that has people at its heart. This is an essential guide for PR and communications professionals who wish to protect their company and build long-term resilience.

About the authors

Amanda Coleman, based in Manchester, UK, is a crisis communication consultant and Director and founder of crisis communication consultancy Amanda Coleman Communication Ltd. With 20+ years' experience in emergency services communication, she is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA). She is an advisor for the Resilience Advisors Network, a Senior Associate of the Centre for Crisis and Risk Communication and the Chair of the UK's Emergency Planning Society Communication Professional Working Group. She is the author of Everyday Communication Strategies, published by Kogan Page.

If you are a communicator trying to navigate a more unpredictable world, this book is a timely and valuable guide. Drawing on a range of case studies, Amanda Coleman sets out clearly the plans, processes, and procedures you need to put in place to be prepared when a crisis strikes. But more importantly, she recognises the fundamental importance of people - from CEOs to customers, terrorism victims and communicators themselves - to effective crisis communication and recovery.

Oana Lungescu, NATO spokesperson