Confident DevOps

The Essential Skills and Insights for DevOps Success

Uncover the fundamentals of DevOps and develop the skills you need to succeed in this fascinating and fast-moving sector.
EAN: 9781398616578
Edition: 1
Format: 216x138
256 pages

About the book

The global DevOps market is valued at over $8 billion. But this vital sector remains complex and intimidating for many. Unlock your full potential and uncover the key insights with Confident DevOps.

DevOps is defined by the practices, methodologies and tools which are necessary for any software development endeavour to succeed. It is a unique and fascinating discipline, which requires technical expertise, managerial skills and strong communication skills.

Confident DevOps guides you through the entire software development lifecycle. offering insights on key topics including system architecture and cyber security. With fascinating insights on the various career paths and opportunities, this book offers the practical skills, knowledge and confidence you need to develop your DevOps expertise and pursue a successful career.

About the Confident series...
From coding and data science to cloud and cyber security, the Confident books are perfect for building your technical knowledge and enhancing your professional career.

About the authors

Mark Peters is the Value Stream Director for Engineering Ops at BrainGu, which develops custom and specialized DevOps software for leading corporations such as Deloitte, American Express, Nestlé and Coca Cola. He is the North America Chapter Chair for the DevOps Institute. He also holds a variety of technical certifications such as CISSP, PMP and CHSCL. He is based in San Antonio, Texas.