Business Experimentation

A Practical Guide for Driving Innovation and Performance in Your Business

Accelerate innovation and agility with a step-by-step business experiment process designed to enhance performance and increase competitive advantage.
EAN: 9781398601673
Edition: 1
Format: 235x158
272 pages

About the book

Business experimentation can not only create measurable value for organizations, it can provide the inspiration to break with the habits of the past by dealing with challenges and exploiting opportunities.

This book is a step-by-step, practical guide to the six-stage business experiment process, from understanding the problem or opportunity to creating a hypothesis, planning the experiment and analysing the findings. It explores the top design criteria for successful and impactful business experiments and includes valuable case studies covering problem solving, performance improvement and strategic innovation. To support the process, Business Experimentation also includes downloadable, editable templates, worksheets and activities for use in ideation and planning sessions.

This business experiment methodology can be used to support a one-off initiative or to underpin desired behaviours as part of a wider organizational change programme, as experimentation encourages people to be bold, take risks and seek new ways of doing things. Based on programmes the authors have run with a variety of leading organizations and with astonishing results, this practical guide provides businesses with the confidence to get started with experimentation and the tools to succeed.

About the authors

Rob James established his own leadership consultancy practice in 2003 after senior roles in executive development at PwC. In this practice, and as a Programme Director at London Business School, he has worked globally across many industry sectors using experimentation to create greater value for businesses.

Dr Jules Goddard is the leading proponent and practitioner of action learning programmes at London Business School, UK. He was the first person to be appointed Gresham Professor of Commerce and now serves as a member of the Council of the Royal Institute of Philosophy.

I've worked with the authors and as a consequence know that their advice is based on huge experience and rigour. They write as they talk, common sense supported by acute observation.

Sir John Rose, CEO Rolls-Royce 1996-2011