Big Tech in Finance

How To Prevail In the Age of Blockchain, Digital Currencies and Web3

Understand the ramifications caused by Big Tech's disruption into finance and ensure your organization will profit from blockchain rather than being disrupted by it.
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About the book

With Big Tech's breakthrough into finance with blockchain, it is imperative that finance players understand the ramifications and how they can defend their competitive advantage.

Big Tech in Finance
provides a cutting edge look at Big Tech's play for domination of the crypto economy, its ramifications and how finance is fighting back. The book analyses the motives behind Big Tech's break into banking and unpicks the strategies behind the use of blockchain, technology interfaces, infrastructure and investments into blockchain unicorns. The book then goes onto review how organizations in finance are countering these threats, with governments and banks driving their own strategies and use of centralized blockchains.

Delving into the fight between Big Tech, Big Banking, start-ups, and regulators, Big Tech in Finance analyzes which actors have the best shot at succeeding. It explores the key tools in play, such as smart contracts, digital central bank currencies, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and the metaverse. The book also divulges the geopolitical dimensions underpinning the power struggle and its implications for the industry. Written by an internationally recognized expert on blockchain, the book draws on in-depth interviews with founders, investors, regulators, bankers and blockchain experts to provide valuable insider insights. This will be an essential read for finance and fintech professionals, bankers and investors and anyone else interested in the developments of fintech.

About the authors

Igor Pejic is a leading expert on tech-driven shifts in banking and finance. Having held multiple management positions in banking, he is based at one of the largest banking groups in Europe. Pejic is an international keynote speaker and expert panelist, voted by McKinsey and The Financial Times as one of three finalists in the Bracken Bower Prize with his work on blockchain. He is the author of Blockchain Babel also published by Kogan Page, winner of the Independent Press Award 2020 and profiled as a Financial Times book of the month.

A deep dive into the fast-changing frontier of money from blockchain and Big Tech to Web3.

Ronit Ghose, Global Head, Future of Finance, Citi