Now, more than ever, organizations must depend on data from digital channels to stay connected to their customers. Collecting the right customer data, turning it into actionable insight and applying it in the most effective way, is crucial for engaging customers and ensuring your marketing stands out.

Dr Christine Bailey explores what impact customer insights and data can have on the success of your marketing. From using customer insights to identify trends, create long-term customer loyalty and grow profits, understand why a strong data strategy is the key to authentic, purpose-driven marketing.

Drawing on her research and expertise, Christine will be answering crucial questions including:

  • What are the biggest challenges facing marketers in the age of ‘data overload’?
  • How can you apply customer insights to create a mission statement and value proposition that resonates?
  • What are the most important data sources for marketers?
  • How can data and insights be used to improve brand loyalty?

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