The pandemic drove a great ‘flexible working experiment’ as many worked flexibly and remotely in greater numbers than ever before. New UK announcements advise remote working for the foreseeable future. How can managers and HR teams ensure that their workforce is engaged, healthy and productive as they move to longer-term flexible and remote working?

Gemma Dale and Tim Ringo explain how to create and maintain a motivated and productive workforce during this continued period of remote working. Drawing on their expertise and experience, Gemma and Tim will answer key questions including:

  • What impact has the crisis had on productivity and flexible working?
  • How can you keep employees engaged and avoid burnout?
  • What are some common misconceptions about flexible working and productivity?
  • What is your advice for HR going forward?

Flexible working is here to stay and presents challenges for managers and employees. Discover how you can utilize it to drive organizational growth and business success.